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15 Years Ago...

I married my sweetheart.  One of the best deals I got with that package was the family of this gorgeous model.  Her mother is my husband's cousin.  That makes us, hmmm, let me see....second cousin's once removed?


I'm not sure...but it makes us family.  Yeah!

So when her mama asked me if I'd please do her senior pictures, I of course headed on a plane to Cali for the privilege. 

I think this image belongs on the cover of a magazine somewhere.

 Or this one.

This was actually taken right where we happened to park.  The car is about 5 feet to the left of the image.


I'm in love with this shot.  I heart the colors, the shapes, and Sonia's pose.  

We convinced the ride operator to let her on to take this shot-after we paid for a ride we weren't going to take.  Lame. But his boss was there, otherwise I'm it sure we would have got it for free.

I had to photoshop his arm out of the picture as he was holding the seat so it wouldn't swing.

I had to stay out of the area and shoot from behind the gate...a little tricky but it ended up looking nice.

 I just had to put this one in.  These boys were walking down the boardwalk as I was conducting my photoshoot.  They were about to loose their prized possession, the world's biggest snowcone!

Everyone was giving them advice and it was causing quite the commotion. 

You can see my model sitting on the red bench (arrow pointing at her) but I just had to capture it.  I should have grabbed their email address to send them this shot. 

Dang it!

Here is a prelude to the next batch of pictures to be posted. 

Just beautiful.


I found my ballerina...

or actually...she found me.  Earlier I requested a ballerina for a certain fanciful field I found.

  I'm loving the amber waves of grain in this one.  

What a gorgeous picture here.  (I can now see how we looked like mosquito bait to the little buggers!!)
 I haven't made up my mind exactly just yet...

but I believe this is my favorite 
for the day.

It's filled with scrumptious 
ballerina whimsy.

Although photographers can find 
beauty in almost anything~

it's great when my photo-ees come
prepackaged with it.

Sumptuous eyes,
extensive eyelashes,
plush, pouty lips...


To be continued.....

Laughing at the strange looks we
were getting...

Hee, hee~


So I am a Little Biased...

but isn't she beautiful?

I'm setting up an "Americana" themed photo day here in Colorado and needed to try the props out.
{email me if you are interested}

Guess what I forgot to bring?


How can you have an Americana photo shoot without 


Oh well....

we did.

She just turned 11 and I'm not one bit happy
 about it.

For many reasons.

I wonder if our relationship will get stronger....

how soon I will become "stupid" to her...

and what kind of things she will
try to get away with.

But for now...I will enjoy

11 years old.


From Earlier...

So when I set out to surprise my friend with pictures of her children....I never would have guessed this guy would be my model.  His siblings would attest to the fact he jumped in front of the camera as often as he could.

So much so that I have twice as many shots of him then them.


Look at that dimple.

Yep...dimples are always a plus in my book.

This sweetie is the perfect mix of spunk, independence, and beauty--so like her mom.

Here I added tons of texture which works well with the yummy light spewing in from above.

This is my FAV from the day!  They both ran to a log and started soon as I brought out the camera, lil' J had to put his hands in his pocket and be the "cool" model.

Sweet L just continued concentrating on the task at hand.

That about explains their personalities.

Another "model" shot of this little man.  Trust me, I have 50 more just like it.

I love this Colorado country...wind, blue sky, old barns, and happy people.

I'm a happy girl...


Look At What I Found...

 a random teenager walking through the field.

J/K that is my oldest "lil' man being forced to stroll through the grass so I could get the shot I wanted.  To be true, blue, honest--he didn't give me a hard time.  He's got a natural eye for photography and was understanding. I'm quite proud.

I have great plans for this field.  I'm thinking a white knobby metal bed with old fashioned sheets and pillows, plunked right in the middle.

Yep...that will do.  Anyone up for it???

Further down the road there is this field of broken down cars and trucks just outside of town.  {I love mentioning that we live in a "town". It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.}  I've tried twice to take senior pictures there and have arrived only to have my hopes dashed with a locked gate.

So we did the best we could with the locked gate.  I love the old yellow paint, mixed with the deep rust.  
But I'm still going to take senior pictures there someday--inside the gate!

I won't go all "mushy" mom on here, mostly for my guy's sake {mom's can be so embarrassing} but I love this simple shot.

If you don't like pictures with heads cut off....I'm warning you now.  Don't look.
This is one of my favorites from the day because 
this pose is natural for him.  I can't tell you how
many times I can look over during the day 
and he is doing this...usually when  he's
asking for permission for something he knows
I won't agree too--or telling me something I might not want to hear.  

It reminds me of this fun "teen" stage we are going through.
And I love it.

By the way, can't you just see a pink, covered, tutu-ed little bouncy girl romping through these flowers.
I can.  :)



I grew up with them.  I have a few sets in our home.  I love the bonds between brothers.